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With Higher Images, You’re Sitting on a Data Goldmine

Your company’s 2018 strategic plan is going to guide your company to your goals. But how do you know if your goals are being met through digital marketing? It’s by using and interpreting data to determine what’s worked, what needs to be tweaked, and what should be attempted in the future – and at the greatest value.

Higher Images is data driven, so all of the products that we offer include ways to monitor and understand the information that’s available. It’s all integrated, too, because one product affects the effectiveness of the others. Mobile-friendly website leads to better search results, which leads to more visitors, which leads to more people walking into your store or buying products from your site.

Tracking the Effectiveness of Your Campaign, 24/7 Our SEO department is a good example. Our SEO experts collect and evaluate dozens – often hundreds – of data points to review. You can see how many people have been to your website in the past week, study what search keywords are in a higher position than your competitors, and track conversions.

It’s concrete information that’s as useful as your balance sheet.

We build data points in so that we can give you direct results on your campaigns and track your digital dollars.

  • If your goal is to lead 15% more unique visitors to your website year-over-year, we can show you if that goal has been met, and can also suggest ways to increase your visitors.
  • If you want more people to interact with you, we incorporate contact forms and then track how many people filled out forms and what it was that they wanted. We’ve had clients be surprised by the data that we collect, and based on that information, they’ve put different items in stock, or changed how they provided service calls.

Digital HI™ Technology is our proprietary platform that brings together multiple technologies in one marketing console. It delivers tangible results for businesses of any size. The more information you have to work with, the better you’ll be able to guide your company in 2018.

Give us a call if you want to know more about how the data we collect can power your business in 2018.