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We have been bad, very bad to tell you the truth. It all started last November when we started to launch our own branded portal called the Web Marketing Console. We put all of our extra time and effort into building it out and neglected our blog. It is actually quite funny that we did this, because we really could have written nearly 8,000 posts about how our Social Media Marketing really took off. Here is the first post we have had in a while, but we have picked up a fairly large amount of social media clients in the past seven months so it is only fair that we write about what we tell every new client. You may think you know how to use Social Media for your business, but it’s more common than not that you have no idea.

Let’s face it, just about everyone now has at least HEARD about Facebook and Twitter. Most people that we talk to still don’t really understand how to use them to actually create business… but people have at least heard the term “social media marketing” being kicked around the office in marketing meetings. The one example that I can think of was a company that really wanted to start their social media marketing off with a bang. They figured that all they had to do was put their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube logo on their home page and website visitors would be so eager to become their “fans, followers, or in some cases clients” that they never thought about the cardinal rule in Social Media Marketing for businesses- What’s in it for the person they are trying to reach? Why would someone spend the time reading your posts, tweets, or status updates if they bought a washing machine from you a year ago? The answer is that they wouldn’t and that is where most businesses fail at social media.

You need to be able to have a conversation with someone online without coming across as a pitchy salesperson. Giving a fan, follower, reader, or anyone interested in your business personal attention and time is something that is critical to being successful in your social media marketing approach. Instead of pimping out your business at every opportunity, offer them a tip or something that can generally improve their experience with your product or service. If you are marketing a mattress store then give them tips on how to sleep better or what types of mattresses may help people with allergies. If you are an electrician, offer people energy saving tips and ways to help lower their electric bill. If you feel comfortable having a conversation with your friends and fans, then social media can be a great way for you to connect with not only your current customers, but also people who will take an interest in your product or service. We’ll leave you with a screenshot from a company we worked with to develop their social media marketing strategy and they continue to be successful almost a year later (and 10,000 more fans on Facebook as well)

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