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| Fighting Spam and Bots

With the amount of Hackers, SPAM Bots, Malware and other hazards that try to infiltrate your website it is important to ensure you are constantly keeping up with the latest technologies on your website as well within your hosting services.  Almost all hosting services require you as the website owner to protect and medicate any issues by yourself.


They do not provide the services to handle your site should you be hacked or infiltrated in any way and if it takes down your site well it is up to you to figure it out or pay thousands of dollars to get a security company to recover your site which can have you website down for days costing you untold costs.


| Fighting Spam and Bots newsletterHigher Images keeps this in the forefront of their thinking, planning and daily processes.On average, per website, we see about 22 occurances per day where websites are attacked by hack attempts through multiple techniques.


In order to prevent these issues for our clients, we have implemented the one of the most comprehensive systems available.


  1. Cybersecurity System: We have implemented a tool to help stop these issues to include Bot Protection, Real-time Firewall, Brute-Force Protection, Malware Scanner, Malware Removal, WordPress Firewall, Vulnerability Scanner, Activity Log and more.
  2. Backups: As a part of our hosting we include a multi-layered backup solution. We do multiple daily backups of your entire WordPress website and these are stored offsite and we have the ability to recover a site in as little as a few minutes from the time we are requested or need to recover a website.
  3. Updates: We ensure that our hosting sites are at the latest versions of plugins and core infrastructure. This includes validating the upgrades will not take down your website or if they do cause issues we can regress to the last version within 30 minutes from the time we realize there is an issue.
  4. Daily Validation: Daily we check every WordPress website to minimize downtime and find issues that may need to be mitigated. Higher Images hosted clients have their website tested daily to help ensure issues can be identified quickly and to be resolved. Please note that we may not be able to see every issue but we will know if the website is down.
  5. Malware Recover: If malware is detected on a website or other hacking issues we take care of the mitigation to clean and get the site back up and operational.
  6. Spam Forms: In the event a client has significant spam forms, we have options that we utilize to mitigate the spam. We also take into account the possibility that blocking traffic from certain countries is required as well as other options. The system we utilize also gives the client the ability to log in and see every form that was submitted through their website to ensure no important leads are missed.
  7. Proactive Research: We constantly research for the latest techniques that can be used to protect our clients’ websites. Website security is an ever-changing environment and we make it one of our main focuses to ensure that we are utilizing all the best products and techniques available to protect our clients.


If you would like to learn more about how Higher Images strives to keep your website safe from threats, contact us today!