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There is currently accessibility legislation and guidelines that business owners should follow to make their websites accessible to people with disabilities. It is crucial for business owners to understand the technical side of making their website accessible and understand the ethical reasoning behind it.

Making your website accessible means meeting every person’s basic needs in these modern times so they can surf the web independently and freely. 

Importance of Making Your Website More Accessible

The internet is a crucial part of our daily routine in both our work and personal lives. We check in on friends via social media, check the stock exchange, order products for our homes and offices, plan a vacation, look for information on topics we are interested in, and more. Can you imagine life without the tool of the internet?

In almost every society, about 20% of the population is disabled and is limited in how they can access and use the internet. This sparked the creation of the WCAG 2.0 standard (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) by the World Wide Web Organization (W3). This standard aims to help people with disabilities be able to surf the internet efficiently and freely.

This standard offers instructions and center marks to developers and site builders that are a collection of technical actions that are performed in the site to create the accessibility of the site for:

  • Blind and visually impaired 
  • Other visual impairments
  • Motor disabled
  • People with cognitive disabilities
  • The elderly
  • People with epilepsy
Simplify Accessibility for Your Website with Higher Images

Higher Images uses a system built from multiple artificial intelligence programs that work together to learn your website and identify all relevant accessibility elements.

It then maps out the tasks required to make the accessibility compatibility successful. With this program, the visitor to your site can apply the accessibility options and other relevant tools they need for their limitations to make browsing your website comfortable and efficient for them.

The system is updated frequently and is constantly learning your website, so anything added to the site is made
accessible for all visitors and saves you the time of manual work and money and resources. 

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This article was written by Bryan Thornberg, President & CEO of Higher Images.