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Advanced Verification for Google Ads | Advanced Verification for Google Ads

Tips, Tricks and What to Expect for Google Ads Advanced Verification Process – Required for Locksmiths and Garage Door Repair Companies

In order to run Google Ads for a locksmith or garage door repair service, you will first need to pass an advanced verification process that has several steps and almost always has several twists and turns that you need to navigate in order to complete the process. I have helped several of my clients navigate this process and will take the time to help clarify things that can

In this guide you will learn:

  • Why you need to verify your business for Google Ads
  • First steps: initial request for advanced verification
  • Advanced Verification Application – What Google Wants
  • Common issues that will delay or stop your application
  • The appeals process for Advanced Verification
  • Frequently asked questions concerning Advanced Verification

Why You Need to Verify Your Business for Google Ads

Google Ads Campaign Icon | Google Ads Campaign IconGoogle Ads is one of the easiest and fastest ways for your business and website to be seen on Google. As Google Ads became more and more popular with consumers, local businesses as well as predatory businesses descended upon Google with fake businesses and fake websites representing something that they are not. This has caused 3 issues in the marketplace:

  1. Customers are contacting business owners that do not have the ability to complete the work or do work under several different business names – you can never be sure who the person is who is coming to complete your job and if that business has a reputation for unsavory business practices.
  2. Legitimate locksmith and garage door service companies are increasingly forced to compete with unsavory businesses to be visible in their local markets, making the cost to advertise locally unmanageable for all but the bad actors in the industry.
  3. Makes Google look bad – Google’s job is to provide quality answers, and if those answers include fake businesses or bad actors, public trust in Google will fade, making this a priority for Google.

All of these reasons make it advantageous for local business owners in these industries to take the time to verify their business status with Google. Customers get names they can trust, Businesses aren’t pinched out of the process, and Google is able to provide a better search product for their customers.

First Steps – The Initial Verification

The first step to the advanced verification process is to fill out the advanced verification form.  This is generally more difficult than it looks as the form is buried in the help files for Google Ads and does not turn up as a search result when looking for it. To save time you can find the Google Ads Advanced Verification Form here.

When filling out the advanced verification form here are a couple of pointers to ensure that you get through this in a timely manner.

  • Advanced Verifcation for Google Ads Finding Your Account ID | Advanced Verification for Google Ads Account InfoMake sure you add the correct customer ID in the field below – this gets tricky if you have multiple accounts or have an ads manager account.
  • Make sure you CC at least 1-2 other people as you fill out the form – this may come in handy incase it gets picked up by a spam filter along the way. I’ve seen it happen.
  • Complete the information request in the manner that it shows up on your license with the state – it could be your LLC document or your state business license. If your state requires a locksmith or garage door contractor’s license, be sure to include that as well. at this stage the more information the better.
  • If you run your business through a DBA or ficticious business name, you will need to provide that information at this time as well. This will require your registration with the state.
  • Once you get your first reply be sure to save the Advanced Verification ID number for your request. You will need that information going forward.

Once you complete this, you will get an email that looks like this:

Advanced Verification for Google Ads First Letter of Verification | Advanced Verification for Google Ads First Letter of Verification

The important part of this is to note the ID number in the email subject line (for some odd reason, they do not decide to put it into the actual email) Also important as of January 2022, Google is instituting COVID-19 protocols that results in delays of up to THREE MONTHS. At this point, I would be sure to add this to your calendar to follow upon after 1,2 and 3 months.

As always, if you need assistance navigating this as well as managing your adwords campaigns, contact Higher Images at 412-203-1995 or fill out our marketing audit to schedule some time with our Google Adwords specialists. 

Advanced Verification Application: What Google Wants

After you wait for an excruciatingly long time, you will eventually get your Advanced Verification Application. This is the part that Google wants done perfectly and if you miss any small detail you will be forced to go through the appeal process which can double or triple the amount of time it takes to get it completed. Fortunately for you, dear reader, I have the full list of what they will be asking for and thus, you will have ample time to prepare after submitting your Advanced Verification Application request.

Part 1. The Business Details:

Advanced Verification for Google Ads Business Verification Part 1 | Advanced Verification for Google Ads Business Verification Part 1

This part is pretty straight forward, owner name, business name, and finally selecting which type of business you are.

Part 2 and 3: Paperwork, Branding and Vehicle Information

Part 2 and 3 are specific photos of your branding, your invoices, your business card and most importantly your company work vehicle. These photos are very specific and it is important to follow their instructions precisely.

Advanced Verification for Google Ads Business Verification Parts 2 and 3 | Advanced Verification for Google Ads Business Verification Parts 2 and 3

I would zip up these files seperately and title the zip “Company Name Advanced Verification Part 2 and 3” make sure you have photos of the full front, back, sides and license plate of your vehicle – they will view this as incomplete otherwise.

Part 4 and 5: Business Location and Industry Equipment

The last 2 parts of the Google Ads Advanced Verification Process involves adding images of your business location (it can be your home if you work from there and do not have a storefront) as well as the equipment that you use to handle the services and repairs for your industry.

Advanced Verification for Google Ads Business Verification Parts 4 and 5 | Advanced Verification for Google Ads Business Verification Parts 4 and 5

The location portion is generally pretty easy. Make sure you take clear photos of your business location, any signage as well as your street address. You will want a closeup as well as a wide shot of your business to comply with this section of the verification process.

Part 5 can be more tricky, you must photograph industry specific tools that you own, verified by including your business card as well as your invoice for each tool. your tools can include.

  • For locksmiths: Lock Repinning Kits, Key cabinets, Lockpick sets, Car Key Fob Reprogramming kits.
  • For Garage Door Repair: Cable Pullers, Winding Bars, Torsion spring winders, Chain Pullers and breakers, hand or bench swagers

I would limit myself to these, as it is nearly impossible to get additional information from Google prior to submitting this to them. I would zip all of these photos into a file called “Company Name Advanced Verification Part 4 and 5” and then append them and submit them by replying to the email, making sure that the Case ID is visible in the subject line of your email.

once again you will have to wait until Google gets to review these documents and images. Usually this will take several weeks to process. If you have no mistakes or aren’t missing anything, you will be approved at this time.

Common Issues that Will Delay or Stop Your Advanced Verification Application.

Here are a few of the things that have hindered me from getting my Google Ads Advanced Verification Application completed in a timely manner.

  • Bad photos of your vehicle or business. you need to take a a photo of both sides of your vehicle, driver and passenger. Make sure it shows the entire vehicle not missing any part of the sides, front or back.
  • Make sure your business card and invoice is visible on your equipment and use 2 seperate photos. One single photo with all your equipment is NOT ok. even though it has everything on it.
  • You need to make sure you have a utility bill with the business name on it. It cannot be of some other entity, nor can it be your lease if your utilities are included.
  • Make sure they can see the street numbers clearly in the photos. If they cannot see it, it will be rejected.

As always, if you need assistance navigating this as well as managing your adwords campaigns, contact Higher Images at 412-203-1995 or fill out our marketing audit to schedule some time with our Google Adwords specialists. 

The Appeals Process for Google Ads Advanced Verification

This is not where you want to be when applying for your advanced verification, but oftentimes it ends up here. Sometimes the people at google will overlook something you have sent in or they will have a problem with one part of your application or another. In this case you must file an appeal. The appeal form is the same as the Advanced Verification Form.

The major difference is you need to provide them with information that shows that you have fixed the items that you have failed in your advanced verification. fill out the information completely and make sure you INCLUDE YOUR CASE NUMBER FROM THE ORIGINAL ADVANCED VERIFICATION. Here you need to explain how you have fixed the problems with your initial verification and provide corrected forms to complete the process.

At this time, if you cannot provide the information in photographic format as requested, you can request a video verification with google ads. I have never had to resort to this but this is the last option for verification if the rest does not work. you will need to have access to a smartphone with a camera to complete the video verification.

If you need assistance with your appeal of your Google Ads Advanced Verification, contact our google ads specialists at higher images at 412-203-1996 or fill out our marketing audit and let us know you need a hand with advanced verification.

Google Ads Advanced Verification Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Industries Currently Require the Advanced Verification Process? 

As of February 1, 2022 only locksmiths and garage door repair companies require advanced verification in the United States. Canada requires only locksmiths to pass advanced verification.

How Long Does The Process Take? 

Google help desk suggests that it takes 2 weeks to complete, My experience has been that it is a 2 month process if everything runs smoothly. Longer if you have to file an appeal.

I Did Something Similar for My Business Profile or Google Guarantee, Do I need to Complete The Advanced Verification Too? 

Unfortunately the answer is Yes. Google views these three things as different entities and there is a different process for each.

My Business Did Not Pass The Advanced Verification. What Can I Do Now? 

The only thing left to do is to correct whatever the problems were with your submission and to file an appeal. You will not be able to run google ads until the process is completed.

I Own Multiple Businesses In This Vertical. How Should I Apply For Advanced Verification?

You will need to apply for each separate google ads account that you want to run google ads for.  If you have multiple cities/locations you will need to have all of them approved before your ads can run.

Does My Business Need To Be Licensed In Order to Complete The Google Advanced Verification? 

You need to have all of the relevant licenses in your area. For example it Pennsylvania you do not need to have a Locksmith License in order to be verified, but in California or Texas you do.

Nobody From Google Ever Gets Back to Me. What Can I Do?

The first thing you need to do is BE PATIENT. Due to COVID-19, the turnaround times on these advanced verifications runs months instead of days. I wish it were different, but it is the process that they have in place.

Need Expert Help In Managing Your Google Ads Advanced Verification?

The digital marketing experts at Higher Images are here to help. We have extensive experience in managing the advanced verification process and are willing to help. Contact us today at 412-203-1996 or fill our marketing audit here. We can handle the setup of your ads campaign, shepherd your business through the verification process, and expertly manage your ads campaigns.