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On the night of Wednesday, June 20, an hour-long torrential downpour produced over 3 1/2 inches of rain, causing widespread flooding throughout Bridgeville. Thursday morning at Higher Images, we were surprised to see the devastating effects of the flood while driving to our office.

Roadways and businesses were closed and cars that had been swept away by the flood, along with mud and other debris, were scattered everywhere along the roads. Many homes were damaged along with a portion of the retaining wall along Bower Hill Road. Efforts to repair the damage and clean up the flood’s aftermath were in full force that morning with workers helping to clear the roadways of mud and debris.

Throughout the day, we saw people hard at work to repair the damages that were caused by the flooding. Below you can see a video of the cleanup work that was being performed right outside our office on Thursday, June 21. Even on Friday, roads in the area remain closed and repairs and cleanup continue.

We are grateful that our offices remained safe during the flood; however, we would like to lend a hand to the businesses that were affected. If you are interested in helping local businesses that were damaged by the flooding, such as the Railyard, please contact us.