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Cement Your Brand Using a Trade Show Booth

Alex Hepler, Higher Images’ Creative Director, is currently working on trade show booth designs as the Pittsburgh Business Show approaches. Booths come in endless shapes, sizes, and styles, and right now, she’s busy making sure that each booth is designed to be eye-catching and attractive.

If you’re planning on being an exhibitor at a trade show soon, or you’re thinking about eventually attending trade shows as a vendor, Alex has some tips about booth design.

Branding Your Booth

Your trade show booth ties into your company’s brand. Your business’s branding, including logo, color scheme, and supporting graphics should translate flawlessly into your trade show booth. Someone should be able to look at your booth and see your logo or vice versa and be able to recognize that it is your business. For example, a trade show booth for Auntie Anne’s pretzels would not be pink and have huge beach balls floating above it; that would not be cohesive with their brand!

Latest Design Trends

Today, trade show booths can be about as hi-tech as you want them to be. A good standard modern trend is having laptops or iPads at your booth for easy conversion. Let’s say a printing company has a contact form on their website. If they have that form open on an iPad in their booth, they can have people request quotes right there at the show. The most important trend you can follow is converting business at the show. Higher Images can design your trade show booth, produce print marketing materials to hand out to attendees, and create a mobile website that can be used for conversions at a trade show. Learn more today by giving us a call or contacting us through our website at