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The Best Mobile Experience

When you look at the overall amount of time that kids and adults devote to using digital media, you’ll find that 2014 is the year when we spent more time accessing the Internet using a mobile device than a desktop or laptop. What’s incredible is that it has only taken a few years for mobile device use to exceed that of a stationary device. The explosion of the app market, declining tech prices, and the generous bundled plans offered by U.S. cell phone carriers has helped to propel smart phone and tablet purchases.

Usage grew so quickly, in fact, that it took several years for coding to be built and website designs to be changed to give mobile viewers the same online experience as laptop or desktop viewers. In April 2015, Google changed its mobile ranking algorithm to reward mobile-friendly sites with higher rankings. That was the push that many companies needed to consider responsive web design, which has links that are easy to click, text that is easy to read on a small screen, an adjustable screen size, quick-loading capabilities, and software that allows videos to load and play without interruption. In other words, a responsive site offers a seamless experience for users who may or may not be familiar with your “regular” website.

Responsive Websites Build Your Brand and Increase Your Revenue

A responsive site will help you gain viewers, casual consumers, and brand builders. First, you need to be sure that people can find you during a mobile search. If a potential customer is using Google (and they most likely are), then a responsive site can help your company appear higher in the rankings, which means they’re more likely to click on your link. Once someone is on your site, it’s now up to your design to draw them in and complete a conversion, such as calling you, making an appointment, checking your store hours, or purchasing a product. With a design that is customized to your target audience, and an SEO program that attracts new users, you can begin to take control of your audience and influence their buying decisions.

Barriers to Online Purchasing

In the past, before sites became mobile-friendly, many people who had never purchased a product using their phone or tablet were stopped by a factor that we call a “barrier.” While this barrier may be major or minor, real or perceived, it’s the reason that people won’t buy your goods or services while they’re on their mobile device. It could be that they feel uncomfortable with their phone’s security features, or that they find the site’s interface confusing and the purchase process complicated. Maybe they are looking for on-site reviews (either included on your site or on a third-party seller site) and can’t find any, or they would prefer to pay in a way that isn’t offered as an option.

You can easily remove these barriers by creating a responsive site that’s accessible, easy to navigate, and offers streamlined payment options. In return, your users will turn into customers who have purchasing power.

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