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Advanced Verification | Advanced Verification

As part of their efforts to create a safer and more trustworthy experience for users, Google now requires advertisers to complete a verification program. As a part of their phased rollout, some businesses may be asked to complete this verification.

This process will allow Google to verify your identity and generate a disclosure on any of the ads you run, with your name and location included. Google is currently expanding this requirement across their ad network and is focusing on advertisers who meet one of the examples below:

  • Promotion of goods, services, or products- This includes technology, B2B, retail, etc.
  • Promotion of regulated industry content- This includes financial services or products, healthcare products, gambling, etc.
  • Promotion of education, advisory, or informational content- This includes any content promoting research, educational resources, social causes, etc.

Google Advertiser Verification Process

Advertisers who are required to complete advertiser identity verification will be notified by email and will have 30 days to submit the requested documentation. Organizations will be required to submit one of the following registration documents that include your organization’s legal name and location:

  • W9 form
  • An IRS-issued letter or notice
  • DUNS certificate

You can also provide your Employer Identification Number.

Individuals and authorized representatives will be required to submit a US government-issued photo ID which includes:

  • State identification
  • Passport
  • Driver’s License
  • Green card or permanent resident card

The verification will need to be completed by an authorized representative who is either the admin of your Google Ads account and/or the payments profile paying for the ads. After you submit your documentation, you will have an additional 30 days to complete any of the additional verification steps Google requires, or your account will be paused.

Need Guidance Through the Verification Process?

Higher Images can help! Our experienced Google Ads Management team can work with you to help you complete the advertiser identity verification to ensure that your account remains in good standing with Google. Contact us today to learn more!