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Businesses large and small all have something in common in today’s digital world; they all rely on Google. If you plan to use Google, you must learn how to use Google Analytics to accurately track your digital performance.

Why is Google Analytics Important in the Digital Age?

Google Analytics is a great tracking to help you monitor the effectiveness of your online marketing tactics, such as your SEO campaigns. This tool can track the traffic that your online content receives, such as your blog posts and videos. It can also help you evaluate how responsive your site is on different devices and provide you with an evaluation of the user experience.

Google Analytics provides you with all the raw numbers that you need to get a clear picture of how well your marketing efforts and website are doing. With this tool, you can view everything from bounce rates and conversion rates; you can get a great idea of how much traffic your website is receiving and what actions visitors to your site are taking when they find you online.

These numbers can be used to help you gain useful insights to help you target new keywords for your SEO or adjust your website layout for a better user experience.

3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Google Analytics

When used correctly, Google Analytics can be a powerhouse tool for your business. To useful results, follow these tips:

Monitor Your Bounce Rate

Your bounce rate is the number of people who click away from your site almost as soon as they land on it. There are steps you can take to lower your bounce and improve your on-site conversion rates. These steps include working with Higher Images to create an impactful landing page or making sure you are showing up in search results by utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Focus on Organic Traffic

When seeking insight into your analytics, you should be focusing on your organic traffic. While paid traffic is great for your business, organic traffic provides you with valuable data about your target audience. By understanding how visitors interact with your site and learning more about how they are, you can learn more about your target audience. This insight will help you tweak your marketing and your website to better interact with and meet your target users’ needs.

Utilize Tools and Plug-ins

We understand that your time is precious, so to help you save time on tracking your analytics, you can use an occasional plug-in or tool to make your tracking more efficient. There are various tools out there that can help filter web traffic into identifiable leads. This can help your business get a more accurate idea of the organizations and people showing interest in our business, allowing you to reach out faster and turn them into a
potential lead or paying customer.

Need Help with Your Google Analytics? Contact Higher Images Today!

As a Certified Google Partner, Higher Images has an expert staff who has studied Google’s products, passed certification exams, and stayed up to date on all the latest information about Google. We can help you utilize the information in your Google Analytics to its fullest potential to help you create a digital marketing strategy that works. Contact us today to learn more!