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Desktop Search Results

If you’re advertising online using Google AdWords or if you’re thinking about it, you should know that desktop search results will not show text ads in the right-hand sidebar anymore. Instead, Google will be showing ads at the top or bottom of search results pages only. Google has been testing this latest move for a long time—more than 5 years at this point—and in the past few months, people have been seeing examples of this new format during various searches.

If people are looking for highly commercial products, most likely with the intent to purchase something, they are likely to see four ads at the top of the results page, above the organic search results (otherwise, you’ll only see three). If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you’ll see three more text ads.

Google Changes Search Page Format Again

Google a broad term, such as “women’s clothing.” You’ll see that there are four text ads at the top. You may also see several pictures on the right-hand side, but those are product listing ads, which Google has made exempt. At the bottom, there are three more Pay Per Click ads.

Although this change is very new—it was just announced February 19—it will be interesting to see if cost per click bid minimums will now increase with total search page ads being reduced from 11 to 7 (or 6, depending on the search).

The Impact on Paid Search

Since this change means that there will be fewer ads showing on search pages, you may have questions about how this will affect your current pay-per-click ads. Give Higher Images a call – we have Google AdWords-certified specialists on staff who can help you navigate our favorite search engine’s latest change.