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Paul Rand, a famous art director and graphic designer, once said, “Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.” As a digital marketing agency, Higher Images agrees. One of the best ways to bolster your brand is through effective graphic design. (Graphic design is how text, graphics, and images are placed on any of your company’s materials.) We use graphic design for:

  • Logos, business cards, company brochures
  • Electronic and digital media
  • Direct mail
  • Advertising
  • Infographics
  • Trade show graphics
  • Multimedia and video
  • Corporate identity materials
Customers Respond to Graphic Design Elements

Good graphic design makes your potential customers notice you. It’s a crowded marketplace out there, and people see between 4,000 and 10,000 advertisements and marketing messages every single day. The barrage of messages puts people on overload and makes it difficult to discern who is selling what.

That’s why graphic design is such an integral part of your corporate branding. The use of space, graphics, and images that is created by a skilled design professional will not only catch a potential customer’s attention, it will actually lead them to look at your information longer. The more they look, the more likely they are to:

  • Purchase your products
  • Ask you for more information
  • “Buy into” your brand
  • Share your products or services with friends on social media
  • Become a loyal customer

If you have a website, post signage, or hand out brochures to customers, the element of professional graphic design is as critical as a good SEO program. Higher Images has a graphic design staff, including a creative director, who can help you create designs that will increase your sales and make you stand out in a crowded marketplace. Contact us today.