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An ROI Based Approach to Better Design With Results

With good advertising, your design and print strategies should focus on the benefits your customers will get from your products and services. Intelligent designers help you keep your message simple and do the leg work necessary to make sure that your message appeals to your target customer.

Intelligent Designers Analyze Your:

  • Market Segments
  • Strategic Advantages
  • Relevant Differentiators
  • Competition
  • Products Strengths, Weaknesses and Threats
  • Business Goals
  • Sales and Marketing Strategies
  • Brand Voice and Purpose

Highlight Your Brand with Intelligent Print Design

Your marketing materials may be the only physical substance that potential clients can take with them after a meeting. You can guarantee that these marketing materials leave a permanent impression by employing stunning, well thought-out design. Additionally, you can impress clients and show brand credibility with unique collateral that will stay in their minds and encourage them to contact you instead of your competition.

Our design experts will work with your team to understand, develop, design and produce the highest-quality work that clearly communicates your brand and message to potential clients and partners.

Intelligent Design… Understands Emotion and How to Bend it to Your Advantage:

Good design is not just a pretty picture; good design is created to evoke an emotional response, to present itself in a way that connects the user to the brand. To achieve this, a significant amount of time is spent learning and planning for markets, competition, and consumers. It is not uncommon to devote as much time developing an intelligent strategy as actually developing the material itself.

Uses Clear Copy and Intelligent Typography:

Creating a suitable amount of copy and wrapping it in the appropriate font are often overlooked by many business owners. Using large blocks of copy—the “text wall” as we call it—can be difficult for viewers to digest and is often ignored.

Another common mistake is ignoring font choices. A comment we often hear is, “It’s only the font; who cares?” The simple answer to this statement is the proper selection of fonts can mean the difference in your materials looking clean and professional or looking like they were done in Microsoft Word.

Intelligent, consistent application of typography can mean the difference in your organization looking like a well-oiled machine or a broken-down car.

Intelligent Layouts:

Muddled layouts and design can leave your customers disoriented and confused, creating a disconnect between your brand and the people you want to connect with.  Intelligent layouts will catch your viewers’ eye and relate your message accurately and memorably: the goal of any good advertising strategy. We will design materials that reflect your brand, what it stands for, and what customers can expect from it.

What our intelligent designers can do for you: Let us boost your company’s IQ.

  • Corporate Identity and Branding
  • Website Design
  • Mobile App Design
  • Logos
  • Stationery
  • Literature / Collateral
  • Custom Graphic Design
  • Large Format printing
  • Electronic / Digital Media
  • Trade Show Graphics
  • Printed Communication
  • Infographics
  • Direct Mail
  • Annual Reports
  • Multimedia Graphics / Video
  • International work

Contact Higher Images to learn how our intelligent print design process polishes your image and promotes your brand.