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Happy Halloween from the Higher Images Team!

On Friday, October 31, the Higher Images family came to work dressed up to celebrate Halloween. The morning started off with not a switch flipped for light, and flashing LED’s could be seen from all directions. Moaning, screams, and crashing of glass could be heard the second you walked in the door.

Spider webs clung to walls and counters through the office, and the fog machine was filling offices. Through the clouds of fog, the employees groped their way to their desks, but only if they were lucky enough to bypass the glow-in-the-dark skeleton CEO hiding behind walls, doorways and corners waiting for someone to walk by.

There was a massive variety of characters haunting the Higher Images halls on Halloween. From pirates and zombies to Jesus and a walking piñata, and an appearance by America’s sweetheart Minnie Mouse, the employees each brought their own brand of personality and charisma.

The “boney” CEO, Bryan Thornberg, provided a pizza lunch for this motley crew, and everyone else brought in goodies. Donut holes and chocolate will have the entire place on a sugar high for the remainder of the weekend.