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Higher Images’ Hosting and Security Solutions Protect Companies’ Business Financials, Data, and Investments

Bridgeville, PA – Cyberattacks that affect the United States infrastructure and its citizens are growing bolder and become more destructive each year. As these attacks spread, it becomes crucial that companies’ data are protected through high-quality security measures.

Higher Images, a digital marketing firm in Bridgeville, PA, offers hosting services to companies that protects their information and keeps out ransomware and other malware. Without these safeguards, companies open themselves up to attacks that could hold their data hostage, destroy their files, or expose customers’ financial or health information, forcing companies to scramble and find an immediate security solution. Company size does not matter, either:  Kaspersky Lab reports that 42% of small and medium-sized businesses were hit by ransomware in 2016.

By targeting companies with outdated technology, ransomware attacks like the recent WannaCry and Petya attacks can be easily be spread through the internet. This malware encrypts the data on computers and then blocks access to it until a ransom has been paid. This criminal activity has attempted to destabilize worldwide financial markets, sabotage political organizations, and wreak havoc on some countries’ infrastructures. In fact, Kaspersky Lab states that 1 in 5 small and medium-sized businesses who paid the ransom never got their data back.

Craig Hodgkins, Higher Images’ IT Director, says that companies can fall victim to ransomware attacks and hacking attempts if their websites aren’t updated frequently.

“Most website hosting companies offer only basic protections. If someone hacks into a computer system through a website, chances are that they will be able to pull important data from your servers. Companies must then hire a computer security firm to discover and fix the issue. In the meantime, the company’s website has been unavailable – sometimes for as long as a week or more. Not only do companies lose revenue, they must pay a firm to rectify the problem,” said Hodgkins.

Higher Images is one of the few digital marketing firms in the Pittsburgh area that offers website hosting security services. Every day, the IT security department scans and checks every site, evaluating them for possible hacks and vulnerabilities, and fixes security holes that appear. By being proactive against new attacks, Higher Images can keep clients’ data safe.

“Ransomware and other malware have cost business owners billions of dollars, and it will become more widespread as the perpetrators continue to net more money. Companies must have a website security solution. Higher Images is a full-service digital firm. We design, build, and protect your website. If your site is hosted with us, then you can concentrate on your business and know your site is secure,” said Bryan Thornberg, President of Higher Images.

To learn more about hosting and security services through Higher Images, contact them at or at 412-203-1996.