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Higher Images Staff to Lead Business Marketing Workshops at the Pittsburgh Business Show

Higher Images staff, including Dan Harmon, Higher Images Vice President, and Alex Rutkowski, SEO specialist, will be presenting workshops at the Pittsburgh Business Show, a B2B trade show and networking event being held on April 19-20, 2017, at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

Dan’s goal is to educate business owners on how the digital marketing landscape has evolved and how important it is to develop a well-rounded digital strategy. Dan will discuss the specifics of Higher Images’ new digital marketing program, S.T.O.R.M, which stands for Social Tactical Organic Reputation Marketing. S.T.O.R.M was developed by Higher Images to address a growing need for small businesses to focus on more than just their website and to take advantage of all of the valuable online real estate that makes the most impact. Dan will discuss SEO tactics, competitive awareness, online reputation, social signals and how a small business can position themselves as an online authority in the eyes of their customer.

The free tickets to Dan’s April 19 workshop can be downloaded here.
Alex, a 20-year small business marketing veteran, will be presenting a workshop called Converting Your Business’s Website into a Customer Generation Engine: Best Practices and Marketing Advice for Your Website.

Alex will review several pitfalls that business owners make when building, or updating, their websites. He will also explain how to avoid these bad practices that confuse people and ultimately cost businesses new customers. The topics he’ll be discussing during his workshop include:

  • Commonly Made Design and Navigation Mistakes
  • Traffic Planning and Site Architecture
  • Mobile Website Design Best Practices
  • Effective Calls to Action
  • Ways to Improve Conversions
  • Visitor Tracking and Performance Tracking using Google analytics

The free tickets to Alex’s April 20 workshop can be downloaded here.

Higher Images is excited to be the presenting sponsor of the Pittsburgh Business Show, and we invite you to attend the Show and the workshops. The tickets to all presentations and workshops at the Pittsburgh Business Show are free, and you can register to attend the show here.