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The Higher Images Tech Tools team is our own group of IT/web developers/web design and graphic design staff who produce a podcast each month on issues that our clients should know about. The Team spends a considerable part of their time making sure they’re updated on the ever-changing world of digital marketing and technology.

  • A Review of Tech Tools Podcast Topics In the past year, Tech Tools has talked about:

  • Trends and Predictions for 2017. The Team talks about what the y wants to accomplish in 2017. Content-based design, how to choose fonts to ensure good page loading speed, how the web will be changed for the better in the future, and why our clients should be using video marketing (hint: Google loves videos!) are all discussed.

  • Website Security/Digital Locks and Keys. Ransomware and malware are very real concerns right now. Our CTO, Craig, talks about how to protect yourself and your business from what is essentially a computer hijacking. This podcast is a must-listen!

  • Lightning Round. The Team tackles Imposter Syndrome, a term that talks about a common feeling among those who are climbing the career ladder. They talk about how people often feel like they don’t actually know enough to handle the position that they’ve been hired to or promoted to, and how to advance your career by creating results-oriented goals to combat the syndrome.

  • Live at the Pittsburgh Business Show with Darieth Chisolm. Higher Images was the presenting sponsor for the 2017 Pittsburgh Business Show, a trade show and networking event for Pittsburgh business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs. The first podcast, held in the Higher Images lounge, was hosted by the Tech Tools team and Darieth Chisolm, an Emmy-Award winning television personality, author, multimedia specialist and life / business coach who discussed how media platforms like podcasts can help grow your business.

  • Commonly Asked Questions Live at the Pittsburgh Business Show. The Team wanted to do another podcast at the Show that answered common questions we hear from our clients. Topics included what hosting means, why high-resolution images are needed for your website, why you need a responsive website, and what a lead form on your site can do to increase conversions.

  • Voice Recognition and You. Alexa and Google Home are used in many homes, and of course Siri is your best friend for your iPhone, but why should businessesembrace voice recognition products? The Team tells you how.

  • Facebook Identify Theft. Have you ever thought about how identity thieves can take everything you share on Facebook and then use it to steal financial and personal information? The Team walks you through the steps you should take so that you don’t become an identify theft victim.

  • App-ocalypse. All you iPhone fans, rejoice at the great changes that are coming up with iOS11 and the new Apple hardware that’s available now. The Team also talks about Apple’s new App store guidelines and why they will change how app developers approach their marketing.

All of these podcasts are available at Every month, Higher Images’ Tech Tools Team talks about something new, so be sure to come back to our site to check it out!. If you’d like the Team to discuss a certain topic, let us know.