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Higher Images staff members presented two live podcasts at the Pittsburgh Business Show, held April 19-20.

The Web Development and Production group, including JJ Lynn, Alex Hepler, Austin Roat, Chel Olszanski, and Craig Hodgkins, produced a Tech Tools podcast at the Show, in the Higher Images VIP lounge, where attendees could watch and listen. During this podcast, they discussed answered commonly asked questions about website design and graphic design, including:

  • What are the differences between hosting, a domain name, and email?
  • Why do you need high-resolution images for a website?
  • Why should you be using a lead form on your website instead of an email address?
  • What is an SSL and why do you need it?
  • Why do you need to use a mobile friendly (responsive) website?
  • Why do you need to embrace digital marketing?
  • Why should you invest in an SEO or SEM program to drive more business to your site?

The day before, the group also produced a podcast with Pittsburgh Business Show partner Darieth Chisolm, an Emmy-Award winning television personality, author, visibility coach and multimedia strategist, whose media presence includes a popular podcast called Hustle Heart. During this time, the Higher Images crew talked about expert podcasting tips and tricks with Chisolm.

Higher Images produces a podcast every month, and you can listen to them at our Tech Tools website at