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First, we experienced a global pandemic, and now we are facing shortages of a variety of items, including paper; Higher Images has the solutions to help get your business through it!

Why is There a Paper Shortage?

Paper Shortage 2022 | Paper Shortage 2022There are a variety of factors that have come into play, causing a paper shortage. Everything from labor shortages, the pandemic, supply chain disruptions, tightening capacity, and more have contributed.

Throughout 2021, the gap between capacity and demand will has narrowed. This has caused longer production lead times and unstable pricing. This is a situation that experts state will potentially remain in the year 2023.

Tips for Getting Your Business Through the Paper Shortage

Utilize the Digital World

While print advertising is a great tactic, it may be hard to get items like direct mailers printed right now. Go to where your customers are by using your digital storefront! We suggest utilizing social media, email, billboards, online newsletters, Google Ads, and more. Digital advertising allows you to reach your customers without having to worry about struggling to find a way to print items like direct mail.

Our team of experts can help you make the most of the digital world through a variety of marketing tactics. From effective social media campaigns to email blasts, we’ve got you covered!

Be Flexible

You may have a vision in mind for what you want, but it is important to remain flexible with the type of paper you choose. If you have a new printing need, keep in mind that it may be difficult to fill quickly. In some cases, you may be able to get the products you need to be printed if you can change when you need them.

Stay Proactive and Order in Advance

With the paper shortage, you will need to anticipate longer lead times for your printed projects. By working with the experts at Higher Images, we can help you plan out your print projects ahead of time to help you get the most efficient and effective results.

Work With Higher Images for All Your Marketing Needs

Whether you need paper marketing products or want to boost your digital presence, the experts at Higher Images can help. From Google Ads to promotional products, we can meet every marketing need!