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Transforming Your Online Reputation

You’ve thought of everything to promote your business online—you have a responsive website, use social media regularly, advertise using PPC, and engage in a robust SEO program to boost your organic results.

There’s more to be done, though. Managing, promoting, and maintaining your online reputation is key to attracting and keeping customers. If you have an amazing product or service, but no one talks about it online, is it still amazing? You know it is, but other people have to find out too. Harnessing the power of your online reviews is very important to your sales.

Increasing Your Sales by Growing Your Online Reputation

It’s remarkable that people simply sharing their thoughts online can increase the credibility of your company, brand, service, or product.

You can further your brand or introduce your product to a new audience by garnering the right feedback, but controlling your online reputation can be tricky—a few disgruntled customers can turn people off from buying your products. You want potential customers to read great things about your offerings so that they:

  • Have the confidence to buy without touching your product or seeing it in person.
  • Choose your product over a similar one, even if yours is more expensive.
  • Are assured that your service meets their needs.
  • Purchase your product, leading to repeat purchases, world-of-mouth connections, and loyal customers.
Reputation Building Plus Streamlines the Online Review Process

While growing and maintaining your online reputation is smart business, it’s also time consuming. Whether you have 100 customers a month or 1,000 every day, you still need their feedback for world-of-mouth and social media promotion. Higher Image’s Reputation Builder Plus program harnesses the power of your customer’s feedback and encourages them to produce valuable online reviews. It’s advertising you can’t buy—but it’s priceless.

Reputation Builder Plus increases your sales by providing tools to:
  • Collect and gather the best reviews using an automated platform.
  • Send linked emails right to your customers that encourage them to share their feedback.
  • Generate and then capture great customer reviews for website testimonials.
  • Offer direct links to different online review sites, such as Facebook, Google+, Yahoo, Yelp, Angie’s List, Foursquare, and Bing, making it easy for customers to review your business and then share their feedback.
  • Improve your ranking on these sites, so when someone looks for your company or your products, they can see a starred ranking right in Google’s search results.
  • You’ll also be able to view reports on customer feedback, which tracks how many emails were sent to customers, what the open rate is, and how many reviews were received. You’ll be alerted right away if customers are reporting problems or other issues that could turn into negative feedback.

Reputation Builder Plus will garner better reviews, push your positive reviews to the top of the rankings, produce website and PR testimonials, and increase great word-of-mouth referrals. Contact Higher Images today to learn more about capturing and promoting influential online reviews.