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With our local SEO, you can now access powerful new tools to help inform your decisions and get the most out of your local search campaigns. Local heat maps are an insightful tool that shows a visual representation of where customers are searching for businesses in your area. By leveraging this data, you can drive more visibility, engagement, and conversions by targeting the right audiences and keywords in your local SEO campaigns.


What are Local Heat Maps?

businesswoman looking at SEO heatmaps on her computer |Local heat maps are geographical representations of where people search for businesses in a given area. They show the concentration, or “heat,” of local searches for specific types of businesses. These maps use color to represent different sets of data ranging from cool colors like blue to warm colors like red. Warmer colors represent higher engagement levels in the specific area or page. There are a few types of heatmaps, including:

Click Maps – These show how many times a particular area of the page has been clicked. This can provide insight into where people are clicking and taking action on your website. This helps you see where users are interacting most on the website and what website features are performing for users as designed.

Scroll Maps – Similar to click maps, these show how far down the page someone scrolled before exiting or taking action on that page. With this information, you can determine if users are missing critical content or if the important content is placed too low on the page.

Movement/Hover Maps – These show where people move their mouse and hover on a page. It will also show how the mouse pointer of the user moves across the page. This helps you figure out what content is drawing the most attention from users and ensure that it is placed in an easy-to-find location on your website.

By utilizing these various datasets, you can better understand which keywords to target and where best to focus your efforts when optimizing for local SEO. This is especially useful if you’re targeting a wide area, as the heat maps can help you quickly identify clusters of interest.

How Can I Use Local Heat Maps?

Local heat maps are an invaluable tool for helping to inform your SEO strategies. By studying the data from local heat maps, you can gain insight into which areas have the most potential for your business, where to find potential customers, and which keywords are most likely to perform well in a given area. You can also use the heatmaps to identify areas that may be “under-served” by local SEO campaigns and adjust your strategy accordingly.

With this data, you can improve your website content, ensuring it is optimized and at the right length to inform customers while keeping their attention. You will also be able to use this information to improve the navigation of your website and create a better user experience. This data will show you what features or new designs work and which confuse or frustrate users.

Through leveraging this data, you can gain an advantage over competitors who aren’t utilizing the power of local heat maps in their local SEO campaigns. With the insight you gain from these helpful tools, you can make informed decisions about how best to optimize your local search efforts and get the most out of your campaign.

Local SEO Services at Higher Images

At Higher Images, we proudly offer our local SEO clients access to powerful Local Heat Maps to help them get the most out of their campaigns. We will analyze the heatmap data and help you adjust your web design, content, and more to optimize your website and campaigns to ensure the most impactful and enjoyable user experience. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you succeed in reaching local customers.