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The year is 2010 and just about everyone has embraced at least some form of Social Media at this point.  Let’s face it, even your grandparents are probably on Facebook.  If you are a business owner then you have probably thought or heard about the implications of social media and how it can affect your business.  At times it is very hard to see your employees “waste time” on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, but rather than looking at it from that angle…  why not look at how the social media habits of your employees can actually HELP your business.   If you haven’t thought about a social media policy at your place of work… now just might be the right time.  There are some great advantages to having a social media policy at your office and believe it or not, they can be beneficial to business. Many Pittsburgh businesses just don’t have a social media policy, but trust me when I say that ALL businesses should have one.   Your policy should be written into your employee handbook, talked about during meetings, and make reference to what is acceptable and not acceptable at your place at work.

  1. Make sure that your employees are not saying bad things about your company: There are ways to perform post searches on Facebook and Twitter to see what employees and other people are saying about your company.
  2. Give Everyone a Clear Goal:  If people are going to be on Facebook/Twitter at work, at least make sure that they are posting something positive about the company.  It could be something about how great it is to work there or how excited that are to be involved in a new project, etc…
  3. Get People Excited About Your Business: Get people excited about what you do!  Don’t just post coupon after coupon or deal after deal.  People will get tired from that and they just don’t want to see specials and promotions in every single post.
  4. Don’t De-Value Your Social Media Marketing–   Getting instant sales from your social media marketing is usually not the end result.  Social Media creates a buzz, makes people aware, and hopefully gets people to come back to your site more than just once.  There are times when you will have people that buy directly from a promotion or discount that you mention  from your social media marketings, but you should look at it as more than just creating an instant ROI.

In the end, social media should be what it already is… the act of being social.  Just think of it as one big giant cocktail party with a whole bunch of people that don’t necessarily all have the same interests and likes.  Many people may get along, but others may not.  Just make sure that you are courteous and polite because let’s face it- no one wants to be pitched all the time.  Relax and carry on a conversation so that people can actually understand what you are talking about.  Industry jargon is good for people in your industry, but not always people who buy your products or services.  Give someone enough information so that they trust in you and your business, but don’t overwhelm them or else they can split and you probably won’t get another chance to get in front of them again.