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Public Relations Programs Boost Your Company’s Visibility

Public relations is more than just promotion. It’s an important part of any company’s marketing plan and engages traditional and digital media outlets, social media, and influencers to share your information to their readers and listeners.

Higher Images creates messages that resonate with your target audience and then distributes it to the right channels. Once we’ve helped you create awareness, expand your audience’s support, and spur them to action, our Public Relations Department is also equipped to receive, answer, and measure your audience’s feedback.

How Digital Marketing and Public Relations Impact Your Bottom Line

Public relations used to be strictly traditional media: print and promotion. Now, it’s fully integrated into digital marketing because it’s the best way to amplify your news. Instead of just print newspapers, magazines, and events, your public relations program will increase its reach through social media and SEO.

Programs can be directed to mass media while also touching consumers individually, which is possible because of digital marketing’s unique capabilities. We use:

  • Press Releases. Releases can be sent to a curated list of reporters who have already written about certain subjects that are similar to your news. Once you have a list of subject-friendly reporters, you can deliver a release through email or wire distribution.
  • Media Coverage. Following a distribution, Higher Images will monitor every release and determine where it was sent, what media outlets covered it, how high the circulation of the outlet is, and then see if follow-up stories were written. Additionally, we can determine if stories where picked up through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn.

Higher Images’ public relations packages ensure that your company reaches your target audience, whether it’s the general public or a specialized group. Call us today so that your company get start getting the press coverage it deserves.