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Anytime something new in technology comes out, many people jump on the tech part and never think about the actual creative or marketing aspect of it. It’s great if you jump at the chance to do something new or use new technology and marketing practices to help generate leads for your business, it’s not great if you jump head first into it and don’t think about how it will actually benefit your business and ultimately… how it will drive people to buy your products and visit your stores. Here is some information on QR Code Marketing and how partnering with a web marketing company that has experience in marketing plans for business who want to use QR codes can definitely help you. Environmentally conscious people should be thrilled at the prospect of having more people read their coupons on the smartphones and less people using paper coupons. Reduction in paper and printing costs = more money for your bottom line and less impact on our environment.

QR Barcode Technology Comes to Search Magnet Local

Higher Images, Inc. announces the addition of QR Barcode system within Search Magnet Local ™ (SML). This gives SML clients the ability to utilize this powerful system to connect users to their clients specials, promotions and videos quickly and effectively.  Initially used for tracking parts by vehicle manufactures, QR Barcodes are now used in a much broader context. Both commercial tracking applications and convenience-oriented applications aimed at mobile phone users (known as mobile tagging) are quickly becoming hot applications for mobile marketing.

Business owners will be able to print out or save the QR Barcode that connects any Cell Phone user with a Barcode Scanner to a mobile version of Search Magnet Local. This ability to immediately display a video commercial or online coupon/special creates an immediate call to action and impulse to buy. The QR Barcode is also downloadable to an image file that businesses owners can use for print advertisement. QR Code Online Coupons can increase the number of clients that enter your business as well as the amount spent on your products and services.

Another innovation from Higher Images to help their clients Market More Effectively. For further information on Search Engine Optimization, Website Design, Video Optimization, or Social Media Marketing, contact Higher Images, Inc. at 412-203-1996 or

Dan Harmon – Internet Marketing Sales Manager