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Having a social media strategy is crucial to your company’s success on social media. Like with any marketing initiative, having a plan for your social media will help you stay on track and engage with your clientele. Other benefits of a social media strategy include:

Make Your Social Media More Efficient

Social Media Management | Social Media ManagementWhen you have a strategy and pre-planned content in place, you can save your team time in the long run. With this initial investment in planning, you give your team clear direction and goals, making your social media efforts more efficient rather than wasting time scrambling to post something or pondering what to post.

This also makes it easier to keep track of where your time is being spent. When you have a plan in place, you can set aside some time to take care of social media rather than racking up the minutes with unplanned posts.

Stay Active and Engaged

One of the biggest things that stand in the way of social media success for many businesses is remaining consistent. An inconsistent approach makes it difficult for you to integrate your brand on social media and also makes it hard to gain new followers. Inconsistency can also lead to losing old followers along the way.

With a pre-planned social media strategy, you will have a schedule of what to post and when to post. This means you can avoid overloading your audience and depriving them of content, falling into a happy medium where your audience remains informed and engaged.

By planning out your posts, you can build and maintain your brand’s presence on social media, keeping your brand fresh in the minds of your followers.

Get Measurable Results

When you have a social media strategy, you are giving yourself something against which you can measure your results. You can view whether your tweets have increased your Twitter followers or whether a new customer said they saw your recent Facebook post.

As you document your approach to social media, be sure to include how you will measure your social media success. We recommend measuring based on increased interactions. Followers are not an accurate measurement of success since there can be ghost followers who like your page but do not interact. With a KPI, you can determine what is working for your social media and what’s not. This allows you to take stock of your strategy and evolve it to focus on the areas that show the most promise.

Implement Bigger, Better Campaigns

During the planning stage, you can look into doing bigger things with your social media rather than trying to pull them off at the last minute. Bigger plans such as Twitter chats, influencer marketing, brand partnerships, and more can be accomplished during the planning stage and then easily executed across your platforms.

This will help you up your game in the social media world, increasing your engagement, shares, follows, and traffic.

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