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Higher Images’ first annual pumpkin-carving and decorating contest was a huge success. We received over 3,700 votes on
our website in just one week. Thanks to everyone who voted!

So who was the big winner? Let’s take a look at the numbers:

Bozo the Pumpkin, designed by Craig, our Chief Technology Officer, received 59 votes.

Nemo Pumpkin, designed by Linda Jo, our VP of Corporate Communication and PR, received 208 votes.

Hockey Night in Pittsburgh, designed by Alex R, our SEO Client Lead, received 280 votes.

Minimalist Pumpkin, designed by Karley, our SEO specialist, received 559 votes.

In third place, Brainkiller, designed by Robin, our CEO and project manager, received 650 votes.

In second place, Wicked Witch, designed by Alex, our Creative Director, received 963 votes. And our big winner . . . drumroll please . . .

First Place! Nightmare Before Christmas, designed Chel, our SEO specialist, received a whopping 1,019 votes!

Along with fame and glory, Chel has received the title of Higher Images Master Pumpkin Carver, and will get a prize too!
Next year, she’ll have to defend her title, because our employees are already thinking about what kind of
Jack-O-Lanterns they want to create in 2017.