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As businesses continue to adapt their marketing due to the changing conditions that COVID-19 has presented, it has become critical for companies to reduce any wasteful spending and maximize their ROI for their advertising. 

Higher Images can help you achieve these advertising goals by using a method call addressable audience curation. With a more targeted customized audience, you will have less wasted impressions, resulting in a higher ROI on your campaigns.

Create Local Audiences at a National Level

Using addressable audience curation, we can curate addressable audiences in real-time based on their location and demographic data with the AAC tool. Location data can be filtered by zip code, metro DMA, or congressional district. 

With this data, you can create custom household-level audiences using more than 500 offline data variables such as economic data, property data, demographic data or political data. You can use this data to include or exclude people from certain audiences. 

Advertising is only effective when it reaches the right person at the right time, so using this method allows you to serve your ads directly to the right households based on a large variety of demographic variables. 

After your audience is created, you can then use our geofencing solution, WebTracker, to target all household devices. As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, more people are staying in their homes, so a business needs to adapt to this fact and effectively reach their customers inside their homes. 

Audience demographics

Bringing It All Together with Higher Images

With many people remaining in their homes, businesses need ways to promote digital food ordering, prices/deals, and new store hours, as well as online sales. Businesses such as restaurants can create an audience based on the number of children/adults in the household, the residents’
age, and people who live within a certain distance of their location. 

Once they create their audience, they can use tools such as WebTracker to serve their mobile, OTT, or video ads to households across all devices such as cellphones, TVs, and tablets. Learn more about how we can help you optimize your campaign for the most effective advertising by contacting us today!