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Tax Reminders for 2017: Don’t Miss Out on Deductibles

If you’re planning to meet with a tax professional soon – or if you ARE your own tax professional – Higher Images has a reminder for you. A lot of the services and products that we supply for clients may be considered tax deductible expenses.

This may include:

  • Building a new, mobile-friendly website. If you haven’t updated your website yet, it’s time! You’ll begin to see improvements in your search rankings, your customer interactions, and the number of people who are contacting you. It’s not unusual for our clients to see a 30-40% increase when replacing an out-of-date site with a responsive one. That’s because Google actually will downgrade your search results if your site isn’t mobile friendly, and gives rank preferences to those who do. Also, the modern sites that Higher Images builds contains conversion points that lead people to the important parts of your site – such as the contact form, the testimonials, your business hours, and your products. Another point to keep in mind is that domain registration and web hosting fees may be deductible too.
  • Using SEO and SEM campaign marketing and management. SEO brings visitors to your website organically, while SEM uses paid ads. These campaigns have completely trackable features so you’ll know how many people are finding your site, and you’ll also know what they’re doing once they get there.

Remember to keep a detailed account of all digital and traditional marketing that you’ve invested in during 2017. As always, talk to your tax professional first before assuming what can be deducted as you complete your 2017 tax filing paperwork. They’ll understand the tax laws as they pertain to your particular business.