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Getting Better Performance and a Faster Browser

Most computer and website hardware and software goes through a series of updates—usually every few years, sometimes even a few times a year. You may be surprised to know that HTTP, the protocol used to run the World Wide Web and allows servers and Web browsers to talk to each other and upload and download data, hasn’t been updated since 1999. While HTTP 1.1 has served everyone well, it’s way past time for an upgrade.

HTTP/2, the successor, will benefit everyone. If you use the Internet a little bit or a lot, for your job or just for browsing, you’re going to start seeing a difference very soon. In fact, over the next year, you’ll see a significant change in the speed of web browsing—as much as a 40 percent increase. That’s less time waiting and more time for finding the information that you need online.

HTTP/2 vs. HTTP 1.1

So, how will HTTP/2 help you? There are several benefits, including:

  • Faster loading speed. The biggest difference that regular users will see is faster web browsing. Back in 1999, web pages had much less text and graphics – plus, there weren’t nearly as many webpages as are there are now. With an explosion in pages and information, the speed has become bogged down.
  • Decreased server workload. HTTP 1.1 resulted in overloaded servers. HTTP/2 will instead use multiplexing so that connections can be addressed immediately instead of one-by-one.
  • Increased performance. HTTP/2 will improve page load speeds through advances in data compression. When the data goes from a device, like your computer or phone, to a server, and information is pushed back to you, you’ll notice a definite difference.
  • Better encryption. Although encryption is not required in HTTP/2, you’ll enjoy a safer browsing experience through better encryption, since its performance will make it easier to safeguard information.

HTTP/2 won’t be completely replacing HTTP/1, because it’s an upgrade. Since there are so many advantages, though, it’s already being used by some browsers. Take advantage of this rollout between

The HTTP/2 rollout has begun, and as more and more server admins begin to pick it up through 2015-2016, you’ll be seeing a real difference in both performance and speed. If your company would like to upgrade their website or design a new site that includes responsive design and the latest technology, call Higher Images today.