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Visitor ID

Maybe you have a great new responsive website with engaging content and a contact form on every page, are using an SEO program to increase your organic search reach, and even have a PPC (pay-per-click) account to ensure that you’re getting lots of traffic to your website. But, are you doing everything you can do bring in leads?

Some people would say yes. At Higher Images, we say, “No! There’s still more you can do – and it will convert site visitors to buyers.”

Our clients use Visitor ID, which can track actual users who are coming to your website. This B2B sales tool will identify those looking at your site and then provide the information you need to in order to contact them immediately. That’s right, real-time access to people who want to buy!

Reach the Prospects Viewing Your Website

Visitor ID’s advantage over other sales programs or techniques is in its ability to track customers and provide you with their information in real time – while they’re still on your site!

When Visitor ID is employed, you’ll be able to see:

  • The individuals who are looking at your site RIGHT NOW
  • How to contact those individuals
  • Where they work and the pertinent information related to their company
  • Their social background
  • How long they are looking at your website so that you can determine if it’s a casual glance or a plausible lead
  • What pages and products they are viewing, or the ones that they’re viewing most often

Visitor ID gives product managers and sales executives a “heads up” that they can use to develop a sales strategy for those who are researching their services. You’ll have this information at your fingertips—and your potential customers didn’t have to log in, fill out a form or register for a free product. There’s no “hook” needed to get their name and number, and your website visitors don’t know that the program is being used.

Visitor ID installs in five minutes and can be viewed on any mobile device. You’ll be getting fresh leads right away!

As a part of our services, Higher Images is offering a free, two-week trial of Visitor ID so that you can see how this program will bring new customers right to your door. Once you’re armed with the information that Visitor ID delivers, you can focus on turning these important website leads to paying customers. Visit Higher Images’ website to get your account set up today.