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Why 2017 Is the Year of the Company Brand

Higher Images is often asked to redesign companies’ logos, websites, business cards, or letterheads. What do these elements all have in common?

They represent your company’s brand. A brand consists of everything your company produces: your logo, business card, letterhead, menu, outdoor signage, television commercials, and everything else you present. It is how your employees greet your customers and how a visitor feels when they walk into your store or land on your website. Your brand is your voice; your brand is both tangible and invisible. Your brand is a tagline; it creates stories and memories and feeling. In simple terms, your brand is not just your logo—your brand is everything about your company.

Think about it like this—what do you think of when you envision the Mercedes-Benz logo? Luxury? Class? High end cars? That is their branding. You feel this way whether you are watching their television commercials or when you see one driving on the street. It is sometimes subconscious, and even if you’re not obsessed with cars, their brand influences you every day.

The Importance of Respecting Your Brand

However, their logo did not get them there alone. Mercedes-Benz has built a strong, respected brand among the population where each part of their advertising, dealership building architecture, and car models represent their brand every day. Like your company, how your customers and how users view your company is all about branding and how streamlined you make it. For example, you wouldn’t see bright blue or red colors in a Mercedes-Benz commercial—it’s not part of their identity, and it certainly would not match any of their other advertising material.

Each day, designers and marketers take this into consideration when they take your product into their hands; this is why you go through the rigorous “on-boarding process” when you are suddenly asked about your company’s values, mission, and even how customers feel when they walk into your store. They might even ask you what you want them to feel—this is the power of a brand.

Building Your Reputation through Your Brand

More often than not, a brand is built on reputation. Reputation builds trust, and trust builds customer loyalty. However, branding is very different for each type of industry. Take Burgatory as an example—“Helluva Burgers + Heavenly Shakes.” Their casual, non-traditional advertising verbiage invites anyone to take interest in their brand, which is perfect for a restaurant that doesn’t have a dress code and is built on one thing: enjoying sinfully delicious food with great company. The power of a brand is a component that every company should take into consideration, whether you are a national brand or a small, local business. Your brand makes people feel and should attract your target demographic while building brand loyalty that brings them back—the power that all companies wish they had. Higher Images is staffed with brand experts. Every day, we help companies develop and strengthen their brand. Call or contact us today to learn more. We’d love to help.