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5 Reasons to Start Utilizing Your Push Notifications

Push notifications are a vital part of utilizing your mobile application, but what is a push notification? Think of a push notification as your way of sending a direct message to your app users. It’s the fastest way to notify or remind your customers of deals, sales, events, or current happenings. A push notification is similar to a text in the way that they both arrive to the users mobile device, have character limits, and have average open rates of over 90%. However, push notifications have clear advantages that text messages do not…

Utilizing your push notifications is a great and cost effective way to engage user’s with your app and with one message you can achieve a variety of marketing goals. By sending reminders, deals, or current events, you can increase business activity and customer satisfaction.

  1. It engages your app users and improves retention rates! Push notifications remind users about the topic of choice and increase the chance of them using your app. Offering deals with your notification can help attract new customers to your app and motivate previous customers to continue using your app. This is just one example of how one notification can benefit both you and your users in multiple ways.
  2. Control! Unlike text messages, users have the ability to opt in or opt out of push notifications giving them control on what they receive. This makes them more beneficial than text notifications, which can often become spam-like and cause most users to view SMS notifications as undesirable.
  3. They are free to send! When utilizing an app service, such as Digital HI Apps, push notifications are free to send unlike text notification services. Utilizing your app dashboard, you are able to send unlimited messages at no cost. You can even access cool features such as scheduling your push notifications and choosing which areas your push notifications are received.
  4. Customizable! Although push notifications do have a character limit, they are completely customizable to fit your needs! You can even link your push notifications to an app feature, website, or offer a deal to your users. For example, you can send an offer saying “15% purchase of one item” to entice users when things are looking slow.
  5. Cost Effective! Depending on the service, text messages can cause the user to get billed if they do not have an unlimited text messaging plan. This means every time you send them a SMS notification you run the risk of charging your user which can become irritating to them, but push notifications are free to receive on any plan! Push notifications give you a way to communicate with your app users in a cost effective manner for everyone!