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5 Ways to Boost Your Marketing in 2011:

  1. Plan, plan, plan
  2. Consistency in your marketing
  3. Vary your marketing message
  4. Vary your marketing medias
  5. Track Your Efforts

Plan, Plan, Plan:

Having a clear cut plan, goals, list of what you want to accomplish with your marketing and then how you plan on doing that will keep your marketing consistent, therefore making it more effective. Determine your budget, think about what your mantra or platform for your marketing will be this year. Is this a banner year, celebrating big accomplishments, new products or services? Define what your marketing will revolve around and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Consistency in Your Marketing:

Once you’ve established your plan make sure you’re executing it consistently in each avenue of marketing you use. Keep your message the same, but tailor it for various client demographics. Making sure your website, print ads, radio spots etc. are all conveying the same message, sale, tagline, etc. will keep your brand out there more effectively.

Vary Your Marketing Message:

Although you are establishing the same theme, you still need to vary the wording, image, call to action to resonate strongly with a variety of target demographics. A single, twenty-five year old male isn’t going to be interested in the same message as a forty-five mom of three. Strong calls to action based on your audience will generate more sales.

Vary Your Marketing Medias:

Just like you have to vary your message, the most successful marketing campaigns us a variety of medias. Lets face it, not everyone listens to the same radio station, reads the same magazine or Googles the same keyword phrases. So by having a variety of marketing message out there on various medias gives you a better opportunity to generate more leads. Not to mention creating stronger branding if someone sees your message three or four times.

Track Your Efforts:

So how will you know if your 2011 marketing strategy is working? Tracking! How will you track it…it’s simple, make sure the key call to action is to drive your potential clients to your website and to your call tracking number. This will return cold hard unquestionable details as to how your marketing is working for you. Isn’t it valuable to see where your leads are coming from, what their doing when they get to your website and how your staff is handling those calls? Then you have the opportunity to make the rest of your marketing more effective. If you do anything in 2011, don’t market harder or expand your budget…market smarter. Target marketing to a smaller demographic that you have a better chance of closing is much smarter than blanketing a larger demo and having to weed out the leads.