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Alex is Higher Images’ Creative Director. She’s tasked with taking clients’ thoughts and ideas and interpreting them into designs that represent their business and brand.

Her day to day schedule changes depending what she has on her plate. As our graphic designer/creative messiah, she’s everyone’s go-to for design-related questions and emergencies. Her day usually starts out with checking emails and responding to clients’ messages and then delving into her work. During the middle of the work day, she’s “in the zone.” After that, she might record a podcast, shoot a client commercial, or return to her regular workflow.

Her background in graphic design started at a young age. In high school, she attended a career technology school for advertising design and worked at a print shop, where she learned how to design marketing materials and send projects through the printing process. For college, she attended Pittsburgh Technical College on an accelerated Graphic Design program. During this time, she began working at a small digital marketing agency in Pittsburgh, and expanded her knowledge of both web and digital design. Following her graduation from PTC, she came on board as Creative Director at Higher Images.

Her goal for all projects, whether they are print or digital, is to create a solution that not only pleases Higher Images’ clients but also works for their business and delivers lasting solutions, such as increased sales, customer retention, or refreshed branding. She job is to ensure that every design product contributes to a client’s business, their overall branding goals, and their customers’ brand loyalty.

Alex enjoys her job as creative director, because, “I am truly in love with finding unique and creative marketing solutions that deliver for our many clients and building lasting relationships with them along the way. The best part is definitely the work. No project is ever the same, so you never get bored…and in an agency setting, there is NEVER a dull moment. I also absolutely love volunteering in schools and design classes, but being able to hire interns and share my knowledge with them and make them really understand the ‘why’ behind design is the most rewarding part. Plus, the perks are great, with a game room and workout room just steps away from my desk.”