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New Google Rules

Google’s Raising the Bar for Relevant, Higher Quality Content

Google recently released the latest version of its algorithm that rewards and publishes websites based on content quality. The Panda 4.2 algorithm has arrived and will be rolled out over the coming months. The update is Google’s commitment to rewarding high-quality, user-focused content with higher rankings. The intent is improving Google search results with higher quality content and more relevancy for everyone.

Panda was initially created to help the Google search engine differentiate more effectively between high quality sites with original and informative in-depth content to low quality sites having no value to users.

It’s worth mentioning, there is a site-wide penalty, meaning a site with enough low quality pages would be impacted as a whole including its high quality pages.The rollout means anyone who was penalized by Panda in the last update has a chance to emerge if they made the right changes. So if you were hit by Panda before, you won’t notice the full impact immediately but you should see gradual changes in your organic rankings.

A lot has changed since the first Google Panda release in 2011 that impacted organic Google search traffic. The web has since evolved into a different place with much different dynamics. Most notable the exponential growth of social media and mobile internet use. Higher Images has the experts and the platforms to get your company ahead of the competition. Contact us at 412-203-1996.

Digital Content

SEO Writing Tips to Rank Highly with Google’s Latest Update

Excellent writing skills are more of an asset now than ever before, because Google rewards well-written content. So, PR Daily suggests stop writing for what you thought Google wanted – and start writing well again.

PR Daily offers these tips for optimizing content to achieve better results:

  1. Go long. Google now scans short content and assumes it doesn’t contain much useful information. The result is shorter content doesn’t rank as well. It’s now better to “go long,” says SEO-PR Chief Executive Greg Jarboe. He suggests going ahead and writing 600 to 800 words – whether for a press release, blog post or summary of a white paper.
  2. Use synonyms. Google will penalize you for key word stuffing, or using the same search term repeatedly in text. It rewards what has always been a good writing practice: the use of synonyms.
  3. Get visual. You’re missing a huge SEO opportunity if you aren’t adding photos and videos to your content. Over 55 percent of Google search results now include videos and over 40 percent include photos.

The most important element to optimize in photos is your caption. Make sure to plant your key phrase at the beginning of your caption copy. “The same rule applies to YouTube titles. They can only be 100 characters long, so make sure your key phrase is at least in the front third of your title,” Jarboe said.

Strategic Planning

Content Marketing is about Information for a Particular Audience How does your company’s online content compare with your competitors?

The world of digital marketing changes frequently and fast. For success, it demands a content marketing strategy and a plan for how it can support your goals. Company’s need a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. The ultimate goal is to drive profitable customer actions.

It’s tempting to start your marketing efforts with a healthy dose of promoting your own image. You’re the best. You have amazing products. Your character is second to none. That’s all great, and maybe it’s true. But does your audience really care? Well-known web influencer Neil Patel says it’s looking for something other than self-promotion.

In a recent Forbes article, Patel says your audience is concerned about themselves. The focus then of content marketing is on the individual who is consuming the content. The type of information depends on the business, but audiences typically want something along the following lines: Recommendations for great service; something in close geographical proximity; or methods for solving a problem or finding a solution. Your goal of getting customers has to start in the same place that the customer themselves start. It starts online. If you’re looking to create a content marketing package that gets results, feel free to give Higher Images a call 412-203-1996.

Identify, Connect, Engage

Understanding how Influencers Impact Your Brand

An influencer is someone we trust. They have credibility, subject-matter expertise and the power to drive others to action. They are who we look to for recommendations, advice and input before making a purchase or decision.

An influencer can be anyone – a reporter, blogger, investor or customer. With greater than average reach or impact in a particular marketplace, they can significantly sway public opinion and shape customer behavior.It’s important for you to know who your influencers are and build relationships with them. They can promote your products or services, increase your brand awareness and elicit action among your customers and prospects. They drive traffic to your website, increase your company’s share-of-voice, and they sell your products through recommendations, stories and posts about their experience.Marketwired recently offered some pointers on ways to identify, connect and engage with your influencers: IDENTIFY the people and conversations relevant to your company, industry and competitors. Learn who’s saying what, to whom, and why it matters.

RESEARCH specific influencers to learn more about their interests and activities. Develop an educated, informed pitch and build trusted relationships. CREATE content that’s aligned with your audiences by using the same topics, keywords and hashtags. This helps build more impactful and targeted content. DISTRIBUTE your news to targeted audiences and publish to your social channels to reach your broader influencer networks. SHARE your news with relevant audiences after you’ve distributed it. Give influencers the relevant information they’re seeking. ENGAGE influencers with a follow, retweet or blog comment. Reach out and start to build relationships with people who can help share and amplify your information.

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