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Why Pittsburgh?
Why Internet Marketing?

According to a recent survey (3rd party TBA), there are more youthful eyes on the web in Pittsburgh, more than any other major metro. I had to ask myself “how is this possible”?

With a little sleuthing it became obvious, the are soo many colleges in the downtown area as well as teams of suburban elementary schools on every corner (they have Pgh, addresses). That seemed to contradictory of all the recent census polls showing Pittsburgh on a youth decline. That is a huge number of web savvy consumers being sewn.(I can remember growing up and in 2nd grade we had our first “computer” in the classroom, and it has been in my life ever since.)

Now the advertising part:

With all these young eyes probing the net and pushing social networking to the edge, they will be exposed to some sort of “Internet Advertising” along the way. This is where good and bad habits are hatched as well as first impressions made. Let me be more clear, the 3yr -25yr crowd is the largest and most influential group of users online. They are the future of business and consumers in every industry. Eventually there is going to be a paradigm shift in “marketing decision makers” and the way “dad” did his advertising and the company he used out of “loyalty?” will be replaced with Jr’s more cost effective online service provider. The skills and prowess necessary to stay competitive in business will be influenced by the previous expieriences online both educational and personal.

Social networking seems to be more than a passing phase, it is a way of life for 3-25 year olds’ (and spreading to boomers).

In coming months the online advertising industry will begin to find ways to exploit the new gathering place of the masses. When this exploitation occurs let remember that “the seeds we sow today, are the bread we eat tomorrow”.