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With the emergence of “Open Social” and open gaming platforms, it looks like the honus of old school R & D has fallen on the consumers shoulders. And maybe that is where it should be. It seem that every week there is a new forum of open this and open that. Last year during the Superbowl we watched a slew of consumer driven marketing. Most of the commercials were the result of a contest or talent scouting, for the best DIY commercial or ad. Well, looks like programmer have followed suit. There are many open source code forums out there like Source Forge  that give users the ability to manipulate code to suit there need. While this may seem involved it actually provides a higher quality end result. Instead of having to deal with the short comings of an out of the box product, open source allows you to customize the product to your need. This is giving consumers not just developers the power to run with ideas and test theory’s. By allowing consumers to essentially make their own programs, companies will be able to find revenue streams that may not have been clear at first.

Another benefit to “open source” is that the company or developer that has initiated the coding snippet, will now be tied to the paths explored with their initial code. Along that same thought, the support needed to further develop these open source’s can and will be provided by not just the root coder but by those who have dabbled in that specific open source code.