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In a recent blog post by Rob Garner about search columns, he described his appetite for search info and news as “voracious”. While I share his appetite,at what cost have search marketers provided this info and news?

I have read enough about search marketing to do-it-myself. Whats stopping the tech savvy business owner from taking 10-20 minutes a day to read a blog, email or even meet with a consultant, only to take all that info they have recruited and “try” to DIY their marketing. Let me be more clear, the more popular search marketing becomes (we are still young?) the more info and news there will be to share. Marketing firms are popping up on every corner and everyone has the next big idea. And then there are those who choose to offer you services that are just as well served by DIY (adwords, overture). We have graduated from a “how many clicks did I get” world to a “how many clicks converted” world. Rightfully so, the more prevalent the industry become the better the product we offer should be.

Which leads me back to my initial point, are we informing ourselves right out of jobs?

Will the industry be saturated by fly-by-night shops?

Who or what will emerge as the industry leaders?

In my opinion, we are not far away from software replacing the “E-marketer” and completely replacing the human element of online marketing. Bid management system can be tweaked to bid based on the results of the keyword. Ad copy generators can write an ad for your site and credit cards can be debited automatically. Where is there room for man?

I hope that this post raises some eyebrows and makes some of us (web marketing consultants) shutter. If you think you have the answer to any of my questions please let me know your view. Like I said at the beginning, I have an appetite for search info and news.