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Everyone at Higher Images, Inc. would like to extend a warm thank you to our past, current and future clients.  Without you, Higher Images and its staff would not be where we are today.  So THANK YOU, from each and every one of us at Higher Images.

This week, we are focusing on how you can “thank” your site visitors through social media, form signups, localized search and additional forms of consumer engagement.  We are in the giving mood, here at Higher Images, and so we want to share some insight on how to best market to your target consumers.

Since the Internet has become the premier method of instant gratification, it is only appropriate that those who choose to spend time on your site, social space or taking the time to fill out your form, receive something of value for their time.  This is known as the push vs pull strategy. A push-pull system is, in simple terms, the movement of a product or information between two subjects.

Typically, the consumer “pulls” the goods or information for their needs, whereas the suppliers “push” the goods or information towards the consumer.  While this concept can – technically – be explained in one sentence, we feel it is important to expand on the topic, so as to make it easier for our clients to understand which will work better.

In a nutshell, push marketing uses various activities to get the message of your business smack dab in front of your ideal customer.  You – the business owner – are in control of exactly what that message is, where and how it is viewed, when it is viewed, and where (think of a pay per click advertisements or localized QR Codes).  In essence, you are taking very certain steps, such as geo-targeting, to ensure that specific people see your specific ad, based on his or her specific location.  In other words, you are in complete control.  You are PUSHING your business, based on your

Pull marketing, however, involves enticing your potential customers to find out more.  They are teased, persuaded, or otherwise “pulled” into wanting to learn and know more about what you are offering.  Examples of pull marketing can include things such as free shipping, buy one get one free, a percentage off a purchase, and the like.

The trick is, however, to understand your market.  Are your customers looking for location, convenience and ease of access?  On the flip side, are your customers looking for the best price, regardless of their location, because of discounts or free shipping?

If you are a location-based business, but offer nationwide shipping, your business could easily offer a push AND pull marketing program.  If you are only available to geographically-related customers, your program would lean heavily towards push marketing.

Regardless, it is imperative that your marketing efforts and dollars are focused where your business will see the most return on investment.    If you have questions about how your business can best market to its target market, give us a call at 412-203-1996.  Thank you again, and have a wonderful holiday!