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Effectively Target Your Audience with Local SEO

With a new year ahead of us, one full of new ideas and infinite possibilities, it’s time to start thinking about how you plan to grow your business and achieve your marketing goals for 2019. At Higher Images, we have mastered the art of helping our clients drive organic traffic to their sites and giving them an edge that puts them a cut above the local competition using our innovative Digital HI Technology.

Our Local SEO program is specifically designed for clients who rely on local customers to drive sales for their business. This comprehensive program can help clients increase their local presence and draw in the customers they need to prosper.

With our Local SEO Services, clients such as restaurant owners, senior care providers, and landscapers can target their audience more effectively. This program puts all the essential marketing pieces in place to drive traffic from a local audience to your website, increasing your local presence and helping to drive sales.

The Local SEO process focuses on targeting your local audience within a 5 to 20 miles radius of our physical business. Using Search Engine Optimization, this program can help you increase site visibility, website traffic, rankings, and public relations value.

By increasing these components, Local SEO can help increase your online presence and build your reputation, increase your keyword rankings, while helping you establish your website authority, and drive website traffic from your local audience.

Overcome Challenges with Organic Traffic and Rankings

As you may already know, driving organic traffic to your site and increasing your rankings can be a challenging task. There are a range of factors that can affect your organic traffic and rankings, such as:


As other businesses strive to rank for the same keywords in the same area as your business, it makes it challenging or you to show up in the Search Engine Results Pages or SERP’s.


A website that is not search engine friendly can also affect your rankings and website traffic. If your design is outdated or doesn’t work on a mobile phone, it may be time to upgrade since more modern technologies and mobile-friendly designs tend to perform the best.

Search Engine Algorithm Adjustments

When a search engine changes, this can cause your rankings and traffic to either increase or decrease.

A local SEO strategy can help you overcome these challenges to:

  • Drive sales
  • Broaden your local customer base
  • Achieve your marketing and overall goals for success
The Three Phases of Local SEO

Our Local SEO program helps you overcome the various challenges that come with driving website traffic by focusing on building your online reviews, map listings, and business directory listings. This program also utilizes fresh and relevant content about your business to help you become a local online authority in your industry.

Each of these pieces is crucial to the success of your SEO and to helping you achieve your business goals. This program is completed in three phases:

  • Initial Setup Phase.This phase occurs in the first month of your campaign where we will execute initial SEO strategies such as competitor analysis, Google Business Listing, Google Analytics Setup, and Reputation Builder PLUS Program.
  • On-going SEO Strategy Phase.This phase is where we will incorporate multiple SEO Technologies such as one monthly blog article, ongoing business directory listings, and monthly SEO Intelligence reporting, to increase keyword ranking and organically grow your website traffic.
  • SEO Consultation Phase.In this phase, you will meet with a Web Expert up to three times. They will review all aspects of your campaign such as keyword ranking, competitor analysis SEO Progress, and website analytics and traffic.

These three phases are designed to work together to build your brand, earn the trust of your clients, and drive organic website traffic by effectively target your local audience.

Experience a Successful New Year with Local SEO

Higher Images is dedicated to helping businesses grow. When you work with us for your Local SEO needs, you will work with a dedicated and experienced team who can help you reach your marketing goals. If your New Year’s Resolution is to stay ahead of your local competition and grow your presence in your target area, then consider out Local SEO program.

Contact us today to learn how our Local SEO program can boost your business!

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