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Helpful Content Update | Google Helpful Content Update

What is the Google Helpful Content Update?

Over there past several years, Google has been making updates to it’s algorithm to reward websites that provide its users with a satisfying experience. We’ve seen this push time and time again with the E.A.T update, the implementation of featured snippets, and now we’re seeing it again with a push for quality content.

This particular update is going to be an automated process using machine learning to look through the content on a website and determine if it’s people-first or engine-first content. Ultimately, it is just one new signal among many signals that Google uses to evaluate and rank content.

What is Engine-First Content?

Engine-first content is content that is not written with a user in mind, it’s more of a collection of words and topics to get as many keywords/search terms on the site in hopes that it ranks better. This may be content that doesn’t provide its readers with clear thoughts and communication without answers or points. Some examples of engine-first content include:

  • Shoving several keywords in places that don’t make sense just to have them
  • Putting several different topics on one page without properly explaining them
  • Not having enough information on a page so a reader must continue to search online for additional answers
  • Asking a question without having a clear answer

This has never been a recommended practice for a quality SEO program, but it’s still something people have been doing to increase their rankings. It doesn’t engage and build trust with your readers, which is critical when using your website to build your business. The ideal method of writing has always been people-first content, which is what Google will be looking for and rewarding moving forward.

What is People-First Content?

People-first content has always been the recommended method for content writing. This content engages readers, demonstrates first-hand experience, answers questions, and builds a connection. If you’re wondering if your content meets this guideline, ask yourself:

  • If a reader comes to my website, do they understand what the purpose of this page is?
  • Will a reader be able to learn something from this content?
  • Does it come from someone experienced in this subject and can convey it clearly?

If your current content strategy is unable to meet Google’s newest guidelines, you’ll want to start rethinking your strategy and come up with a plan to create more engaging content.

Google’s Helpful Content Update and What that Means for Your Business

If you are using an engine-first content writing style or have engine-first content on your website, you may start to see a drop in rankings. To ensure your business complies with these new guidelines, you’ll want to transition to a people-first strategy.

At Higher Images, we’ve been using a people-first content strategy because having quality content is king to make sure your users can understand and engage with your business. For over 20 years, we’ve been writing content that provides your users with a satisfying experience and is keyword rich to help you rank higher on search engines.

If you are currently using our SEO services, we anticipate this update to have a positive impact on our rankings. We’ve worked hard to create content plans and provide your expertise in the industry to create a positive user experience.

If you need help implementing a content strategy, contact us, and one of our experienced marketing officers can assist you with search engine optimization and content plan creation.

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