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Hack Attack Clip Art | Hack Attack Clip Art

When you think of someone hacking a computer system or a website, you may think of faceless people who are sitting in a dark room, in front of computer screens. The reality is that nowadays, hackers have become much more socially savvy – and bold – because it gets them better results.

For instance, they may call a business and ask to speak to the owner or to a non-IT-savvy employee.

A conversation with a social hacker may go like this:

  • Hacker: Hi, is this Jim? Jim, it’s Chris with your IT service. I’ve noticed in the system that you’re really getting bombarded right now with attacks. I think the system’s comprised and your machines are at risk of getting malware.
  • Owner (panicking): What do I do? Have I been hacked?
  • Hacker: Well, that’s what I’m going to check out. First, let’s make sure I have the right info on your system. Your user name is [name] and your password has recently changed, right?
  • Owner: No, my password is still the same – it’s still R8sw$!45TyYa.
  • Thanks, I’ll call you right back and let you know what’s happening.

Guess what? They don’t call back, because they have what they need: full access into your system. There are dozens of variations to this script, but they all have one thing in common: They are designed to get access to your system so that they can steal data or even demand ransom for your data – which means that you have to pay them to get your own data back, and nothing is guaranteed when you are dealing with malicious hackers.

Some social hacking techniques don’t even involve a conversation. Hackers will just send an email that looks as though it’s coming from someone you know – probably someone in your organization. Then, they wait for you to click on the website link they’re provided or for you to download an attachment that carries a virus.

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