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What is an SSL?

With a variety of threats out there from hackers, phishing schemes, and other cyber threats, your information is at risk of being corrupted, stolen, or lost.

Your data is an essential part of your company and a security issue, such as a data breach, could lead thousands of dollars in damage to your business.

An SSL stands for “secure socket layer” is a security measure that encrypts the data from the customer to your website via HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure). This creates a secure connection between your site and the customer, scrambling the data between the two to prevent hackers from hijacking the traffic in between.

With today’s internet, a secured website is highly preferred over non-secured websites. You can check if your website is secured by:

  • Checking the URL to see if it has an SSL
  • If you are using Chrome, look for “Not Secure” next to the browser.

Why Having an SSL is Important for Both Large and Small Businesses

Although adding an SSL certificate to your website is highly advised and recommended by Higher Images as well as Google and other industry leaders, many business owners, especially smaller businesses, may be wondering if they need the added security on their website.

businesses may think they are too small to become the target of a hacker, but that is not the case. “There is never ever too much security,” said Craig Hodgkins, Chief Technology Officer at Higher Images.

It is crucial to keep in mind that many cyber-attacks are done electronically, so no human hacker is deciding on who gets attacked, leaving both small and large businesses vulnerable. Bots aren’t looking at how large your business is or what kind of company you are, they are only crawling your website looking for vulnerabilities in your website, so they can begin hacking into your data.

Benefits of Adding an SSL Certificate to Your Site

When you add an SSL certificate your website, you can take advantage of a variety of security benefits, including:

  • Provides a secure connection between your customer and your website, protecting your data from being hijacked by hackers.
  • Establishes trust and credibility with customers who visit the site. HTTPS sites display a green padlock. This helps to increase your credibility and trust with customers who use your website.
  • Protects customer information, including information entered into website contact forms, newsletter, the purchase of products, and more.
  • Increases search result rankings because Google ranks secured sites higher in search results than unsecured sites.
Don’t Have an SSL on Your Site? We Can Help!

At Higher Images, the security of your site is our top priority. Keeping your site secured not only protects your company’s data, but it also keeps your customers’ information safe from hackers. Don’t lose important data or put your customers at risk, click here to fill out the form to request an SSL or call Higher Images today to learn more!