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Full Suite of Targeting Tactics to Help You Maximize Your Advertising

Are you looking for a game-changer to boost your marketing plan? Tired of feeling like you’re wasting your advertising budget on ineffective ads? Then look no further.

Our WebTracker™ Technology is an advanced and highly targeted advertising solution to help you put you in front of prospective clients in real-time by using their buying habits, interest, and location, helping you to take your marketing dollars further.

With WebTracker™, you can use a full suite of targeting tactics that will help you refine your advertising and more effectively reach your customer base. Engage customers and potential buyers, add value to your sales process and gain business intelligence with more accurate, location-specific data about your customers.

Targeting tactics include:

  • Geo-fencing – Use target maps locations to target your audience’s mobile devices and keep marketing to them.
  • Keyword search retargeting- After creating a keyword list relevant to the customer base you want to capture, ads will be served to customers who have searched for services or products that match the keywords on your list.
  • Website retargeting – Serve retargeting ads on apps and websites to customers after they leave your site.
  • Keyword level contextual– When a customer reads a blog or article that contains your relevant keywords, you can retarget this customer with ads.
  • Facebook newsfeed– You can target potential customers on their personal newsfeed using a massive data network with access to over 600 million user profiles, placing ads based on Facebook life event targeting, demographic targeting, as well as interest and behavior targeting.

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Pinpoint Your Audiences with Geo-Fencing

With WebTracker’s Geo-Fence Technology, business owners can customize their audiences for their advertisements using custom target map locations that provide pinpoint precision, allowing them to get the most out of their advertising dollars.

A geo-fence is a virtual fence that is placed around a specific geographical area. When potential customers enter into this location or geo-fence, you can target them with your advertisements through their mobile device. The geo-fence technology enables you to target:

  • Customers who have previously been to your location
  • Potential customers who have attended a specific event at a specific time, such as sporting events or conventions.
  • Potential customers who have recently visited a competitor.
  • Potential customers who have visited a particular type of location, such as a hospital, car dealership, school, hotel, or coffee shop.

Geo-fencing allows you to present your special offers to potential customers who are near your business. For example, if you own a restaurant you can target other restaurants, movie theaters, and shopping centers near your location to help drive traffic to your restaurant.

Geo-fencing can also provide you with valuable customer data to help you better understand their buying motivation, buying capacity, and their buying habits. As you gather and analyze this information over time, you can further refine your advertising to better target customers within that location.

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If you’re ready to get the most out of your advertising dollars by displaying smarter, more effective ads to your customers, then get started with WebTracker today! This revolutionary technology can help you harness the power of mobile marketing, enabling you to add value to your sales process and make your marketing more effective.

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