How Can My Business Survive the Coronavirus

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Survival Guide Resources

Internet usage is going to increase by millions of users, employers and employees working from home students studying from home, employees who are out of work will be working from home. So how in these trying times do we stay operational with our businesses and lives? In fact, it is an opportunity to expand your knowledge and reach to actually be more efficient and talk to more people in a single day than you’ve ever been able to before. Since everyone will be open to it it’s a good time to break new boundaries and for people to try new things. Hopefully, this resource will help you through these difficult times.

Higher Images Recommends the following tools and technologies:

Web Meeting / Virtual Meeting Apps and Software:

Utilizing virtual meeting software and applications will be one of the most important and critical components to maintain business operations during the outbreak of COVID-19. Web based meetings can allow businesses, small and large, to continue critical communications with their customers and employees alike. Here are some of the technologies that we recommend:


Cisco Webex –


Website Live Chat Applications:

Live chat technology allows businesses to chat with their customers in real time by displaying a chat feature on their website. Most live chat technologies can be operated through a mobile device and/or desktop computer.

Live Chat, Inc. –


Customer Relationship Management Software:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is one of the best tools to collect customer data and communicate to your audience on a regular basis. From sales and lead tracking to automated email marketing platforms, CRM technologies range from basic to highly advanced inbound marketing tools. Here are some of the CRM platforms that we recommend.

SharpSpring –