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get more reviews on Google with Higher images | Blog Top Tips to Get More Reviews on Google

Google reviews from your customers play a vital role in boosting your online presence while building up your brand’s reputation.

More reviews also mean a higher ranking on Google and other popular search engines. This higher ranking increases your chances of being found by new customers who will buy your products or utilize your services.

If you are looking for ways to get more Google reviews, follow these tips from our marketing experts at Higher Images.

Start Simple. Ask Clients to Write a Review.

One of the best ways to get more reviews is to ask! Reach out to loyal customers, ask them to leave Google reviews, and even ask your friends and family to review any products or services they’ve purchased from you. Keep things honest and only source reviews from actual customers.

man leaving google review for a business | Top Tips to Get More Reviews on Google


Incorporate QR Codes to Make Reviews a Breeze

The easier it is to leave a review, the more likely a customer will do it. With a QR code, they can scan the code with their smartphone camera and automatically bring up the web address you have linked to the QR code.


This QR code can be linked to your Google review page and incorporated into your website, customer emails, social media profiles, and digital receipts. QR codes also work great when added to print materials like business cards, brochures, posters, and more!

Utilize Thank You Notes to Invite Clients to Review

Let your customers know how much you appreciate them and why it matters to you. A polite thank-you note is a great way to show customer appreciation while simultaneously planting the seed of asking for reviews. It’s a win-win situation!


Make sure to craft a genuine, honest, and heartfelt message. Thanking your customers for their purchase and telling them why you appreciate their business is a great way to start before asking for reviews.
Incentivize & Reward Reviews

Offer incentives such as discounts or prizes in exchange for leaving reviews on Google. You can also use loyalty points, exclusive offers, or product giveaways to encourage customers to leave honest reviews. However, incentivizing should be cautiously approached and only used if it aligns with your company’s values.

Ensure you still adhere to Google guidelines when offering incentives for reviews. For example, do not pay individuals or provide different incentives for positive reviews over negative ones.

Share Your Google Review Link on Social Media

Social media is a great way to reach your current and potential customers. Share the link of your Google review page on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.
Ensure you include engaging visuals and compelling copy when sharing the link. This will help capture attention and make your post stand out!

Ask for Reviews with a Pop-up on Your Website

Pop-ups are an effective way to get your customers’ attention. Consider adding a pop-up to your website that asks visitors to leave reviews. You can customize the message and set it up to only show when you want it to appear, such as after a customer completes a purchase or interacts with your website in some other way.

Respond Promptly to Your Google Reviews

Responding to your Google reviews promptly is essential. Not only does it show that you care about what your customers think, but responding quickly also helps with SEO by keeping more recent reviews up top.

Ensure you read and respond to all customer reviews – good and bad. For negative reviews, take the time to understand the issue before responding. Acknowledge the complaint, apologize for their experience, and offer a solution if possible. For positive reviews, thank customers for taking the time to leave feedback!

Use Receipts to Ask for Reviews

Your customers are likely to leave a review if they have just completed a purchase. Maximize this opportunity by including a call-to-action in your receipt or digital receipt emails that invite customers to post their reviews on Google.

This is an easy way to promote customer engagement and increase the chances of getting more reviews on Google. You can even use automated emails to remind customers to leave a review a few days after the purchase.

You can also automate transactional emails to keep customers informed and updated on their orders. This will keep them engaged and allow you to ask your clients to submit a Google review.

Ask for Reviews Rather Than Gratuities

Consider asking customers to leave reviews instead of gratuities if you have a service-based business. This is a great way to show appreciation for their business while still allowing them to help boost your online presence.

Please track who has left reviews and thank them personally for their efforts! It’s an excellent way to build relationships with your customers and make them feel valued.

Work with Higher Images on Reputation Management

Working alongside our marketing professionals, we can provide you with the insights and benefits of our Reputation Builder Plus program. We can help you build credibility and trust among your target audience by helping you tell your story, accept feedback and create a genuine connection that helps your company appear more human.

Our team can also help you respond to negative feedback to demonstrate to your customers that you can accept your mistakes and take the time to resolve them properly.

To learn more about reputation management and the importance of Google reviews, contact Higher Images today!