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Well, here it is, the topic I have so coveted Online Reviews. I can credit a great article by 97th Floor :Google Your Honeymoon with Rip Off Report has to Stop, for the direction.

Not to long ago I wrote “The Good The Bad The ugly:Online Reviews”, and started to see some of the consequences first hand. I work in online advertising and internet marketing, many of my clients are seeing first page reviews about their business before their official website. This would be great except for the fact that many of these reviews are negative and bogus.

I am the first to preach about safety and paranoia when it comes to online shopping. Being in the industry you would like to think that there aren’t people who would take the money and run, but this is reality and scams are widespread online. So, online reviews help to alert consumers to fraud and scams, when do you believe what you read? The first question is how valid is this review? Many review services claim to be valid but if you look at some of the user-names of the people doing reviews, you see the number of reviews given by that person. Some of “these people” ( I hate to use that phrase) have a couple hundred reviews under their belt.? How ? Who has time to fill out that many reviews? This was one of the first signs that a review might not be valid.

I shop online alot (despite my paranoia), and do offer a review when I feel that I was serviced well, but not every-time and surely not to the tune of a couple hundred reviews.

I am now on a quest, a quest to right the wrongs of the online mudslinger’s. I am recruiting the help of the big 3 ,and most of all ,the public (online community). I am not asking that we stop offering reviews, but that we demand accountability. It’s not hard to prove that you patronized a business, most places give you a receipt for your transaction.

Why not require a copy of a receipt (all VIP info blackened-out of course) to prove you received services.

Just an idea

This post will be followed by many more on the subject of “Online Reviews” as I uncover methods to he madness.