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The title Search Engine Marketer is being thrown around like, a chihuahua at Michael Vick’s house. There is no set of standards by which a Search Engine Marketer is judged. There isn’t much in the way of learning material, that is up-to-date, to be considered a valuable resource or valid classes that offer some insight into the world of Search Engine Marketing.  However, there is a plethora of know-it-all’s polluting the minds of the vulnerable, with corporate biased  Search Marketing pipe dreams.

There is hope. Throughout the cyber universe lie an army of well educated, experienced Search Engine Marketers. Like needles in a hay-stack, they are right in front of your eyes. On the bus next to you, in a cab with you or maybe in your office. The point is that you can go to the phonebook and turn to the marketing page and find a marketing agency. Then you will need to flip to a web design section and pluck out a web design team and finally you will need a business consultant, to help recognize new revenue streams generated from the web. The aforementioned specialists’ have the combined skill set(s) needed to be a successful Internet Marketing Consultant.

Look for these skills from a Internet Marketing Consultant:

  • Web Design
  • Graphic Art
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Business Consulting
  • Psychology

Identifying the application of these skills in an Internet Marketing Consultant will greatly improve the success of your Internet Marketing campaign(s).

Search Engine Marketer’s come in many shapes and sizes. There are 1 person Marketing Firms and huge Interactive Agencies. It is important to know what your Web Strategy is. The goals of the company offline, may not be the same as online goals. Know how to measure ROI, not just “clicks” or “impressions”, but actual sales and transactions. Last but not least, request that your SEM take time to share with you the process that they use to achieve results. An understanding of the methods will help a business owner hold the SEM accountable for their budget and the results generated (good or bad). A good SEM will be able to learn from all results the marketing campaigns produces.

In summary, the complexities associated with choosing a SEM are not black and white. The ability to judge a Search Engine Marketer,  should start and end on the web. The best and brightest will stand-out, look in the pole positions on the SERP’s.  Let the actions speak louder than guarantees, true value isn’t always the number one position. The best place for your business to be, is in front of your customers. Real ROI is measured in dollars and cents, not page rank!