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If I had a dollar for every time someone told me this, I would be able to pay someone to blog for me.  I don’t view it as a client’s fault, they were probably told by a web developer that all they needed was a “flashy” website with some coupons, and they would be good to go.  Unfortunately this is not in any case – true.  If anyone has ever had this happen to them, they can understand exactly what I am talking about.

A website needs to be thought out from a multitude of viewpoints.   How many consumers out there “google” a search phrase like “window installers pittsburgh“  then go to a website to read more information?  If you guessed that it as a good amount- then you have won tonight’s door prize which is a quick FREE lesson in website conversions.  Once they get to the website that they clicked on, then they are going to look thru the website until they find something that grabs their attention and calls out to them.  Once they have found what they are looking for on a particular site, then they make the decision on whther or not they will actually contact that business.  It seems easy right, but what if that consumer wants to look at other businesses before they start to contact them?  You have a de facto phone call answering war to see who they call first and who actually converts that call from an interested buyer into a sale or appointment.  That my friends, is what a website can do for your conversions.  People just don’t automatically call you because they have been to your website and if someone tells you that, you should run in the opposite direction.

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