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The Online Advertising sandbox is full, and spilling over with Internet Marketers in Pittsburgh, Pa. It seems there are shingles being nailed up everywhere. Some of these SEO’s are legit while others will sell you pie-in-the-sky b.s. The only protection from rogue SEO’s is to educate yourself. There are as many guides and how-to’s being published on Internet Marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), find one with the newest copyright and go cover to cover. There is a plethora of search engine direct services to advertise your business, learn the extremes of these tools. It helps to know where people are searching and for that matter if Search is a profitable Marketing Media. In a recent Pew/Internet survey it looks like Search is here to stay:

  • Daily Internet Usage (18 and older)
  • 39% Read News
  • 30% Check the Weather
  • 29% Research a Hobby
  • 28% Surf the Web for Fun
  • 13% Visit Social Media Sites
  • Daily Internet usage has grown 69% since 2002

This is a promising report for anyone seeking a career in the Internet Marketing or Online Advertising field. This is also, just as powerful for online product and service providers. This type of growth will have to be manipulated sooner than later. There are as many critics of this market who have formed well thought out scenarios for the decimation of Internet Marketing. While my personal opinion is to follow the numbers, my gut knows it can’t last.

Can it?

With so many contributing factors like the state of the economy, value of the dollar and eco-friendly concerns, can an online product or service provider sustain enough growth to justify a presence online. I think the answer is “yes”. With stats like we read above, there seems to be growth after growth every quarter. Being completely supported by a employer who offers Internet Marketing Services in Pittsburgh I’ll bet my life Internet Marketing is here to stay!